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This book, Home Disaster Preparedness, is a gift worth giving to family and friends. Disasters can happen anywhere. Giving your loved ones a gift that creates awareness and stimulates preparedness will never go to waste. Give a few or cover all your family and friends with the discounted 50pack purchase. It includes 50 books per box @ $3.00 each. With the 50pack you'll be ready to give them all year 'round, as a single item or attached to every gift from Valentine's Day, to birthdays, to the holidays. Hand them out at family reunions or large celebrations. This is a gift that brings comfort and support should times get tough.
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Small Business -- Give it as a gift for each employee or incorporate it into a business fundraiser for the community. Consider a fundraiser where each employee donates $5.00 to a fund that will be used to support a non-profit of the company's choice. Each participating employee receives a book. Check out the 50pack with 50 books per box @ $3.00 each (or $150.00 plus S&H). The camaraderie of the company and employees combines into a worthy community benefit.

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Corporate -- In the spirit of a corporate family, a large company could make these available to all employees either as a human resources benefit or as a discounted purchase.

If the company sponsors community events, non-profit organizations, or charities, offer the book as a premium in return for employee donations to the current campaign.

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